Before you can buy or sell your e-currency that is above 100usd from us, your account number must be verified by issuing the under-listed documents . This page describes how to verify your account, documents required, how to send your documents and what usually causes the verification delay. Verification is a compulsory task which must be perform by all customers before carrying out a higher  funding transaction. This is to prevent fraud and money laundering. It consists of Identity and Residential address verification.



This must be a Government Issued Identity Card. Only the following form of identity are accepted

i.   International Passport
ii.   Driver Licence
iii.   National ID card
iv.   Voters’ card (Note that additional document may be required if you supply a voters card only)

NOTICE: Expired ID card is not accepted!


This Ensures that the customers address is verified. Utility bills allowed are:

i.    Bank Statement of Account ii.   Electricity Bill iii.  Water Bill iv.   Waste Bill v.   House Rent Receipt e.t.c…..

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This must be a recent utility bill issued in not more than 3 months ago.Your documents must be well scanned and put under 200kb each in an acceptable file format (Only jpg, gif, and png file types are allowed for upload!). Heavy and blur files are rejected and this usually lead to the verification delay. We as well don’t allow images taken with phones or cameras. clients should also remember to add all their associated e-currency accounts numbers and names when forwarding their documents.

You can attached this documents from your computer to your e-mail and send it to for a more faster verification process. this is done in compliance with the central bank of Nigeria (C.B.N) and the world bank financial law.